blvck paris nft

blvck paris nft

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Start date: December 13, 2021 End date: December 13, 2022
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BLVCK PARIS is a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2017 and is known for it’s ‘All Black’​ clothing, accessories and leather goods for men and women. From visual content to merchandise, we strive to pioneer a new type of lifestyle focused on quality and design. The ‘All Black Lifestyle’​ is a culture shift to live life on your own terms free from vanity.

blvck paris reviews

Order came after short time, had to pay 70€ for delivery fee afterwards to get my package so I declined it. Wrote them later im not gonna pay that much again considering the final pricing had shipping included. Yes, it says on their site that they are not responsible for those extra fees, yet we got to an arrangement of doing 50/50 for UPS fee. When stuff finally arrived I gave them the receipt on the Box and they paid me back half of the extra shipping. Quality is admittedly really good. Support replied within a day aswell. Was worried after reading all the reviews but really wasnt that bad after all

blvck paris hoodie

This is the best selling product of blvck paris.

We have just upgraded one of our best seller, the  ‘Essential Hoodie’ by adding our iconic logo across the chest for a minimalist, streetwear look. The hoodie features a logo on the hood that gives a defining look to any outfit.

Made from luxurious 100% Terry Cotton, all our hoodies are super soft to the touch and perfect for everyday wear.

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